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Queen of Peace Radio Visitors

Dec 2016: Violet visits the radio studio and records station id
and Marywood Retreat announcement.


Sept 2016: Suzanne Nicholas recording radio announcement

Tom Masters recording announcement for 
the 2016 LifeChain coming up Oct 2nd.

Tom Masters always has his notes and is prepared 

Sept 2016: Patty Pendleton recording for WQOP 1460-AM

August 2016: Big THANKS to Tony Zeaiter and KoC Council 11069
supporting Catholic Radio in Jacksonville FL!!

Tony Zeaiter recording the 2016 radio promo for Hold'Em For Life coming up Sept 17th, 2016.

Dick Echoff, from Knights of Columbus Holy Trinity Assembly 2368
 stopped by on a hot July day 2016 to help
support 1460AM and record a station ID

Dick Echoff and Tom Moran, photo credit to Brent Reedy at Charlie's Tropical Heating & Air

July 2016, Laney visits, records station ID

Jessica from Emergency Pregnancy Services writes and records a promo at station; June 2016

Sandy from Emergency Pregnancy Services records a psa and Jessica looks on and directs; June 2016
and see their website at:
Growing Parenting Choices http://growingparentingchoices.org/


Resurrection School principal, Pat Donahue, on-air May 2016
to discuss the benefits of a Catholic school education,
but especially at Resurrection School in Jacksonville


April 2016, David Penney visits, records WQOP station ID

Phillip and Byron stop by Apr 2016 and record station ID's

Hassan Cruz and Ciara visit to record the
2015 Holdem For Life radio promo.


October 2014: Susan Harrison is helping Mission House by writing and recording
a radio announcement for their upcoming Compassion By The Sea Benefit.

thanks to Susan for the yummy gift basket from Mission House


June 2014: Tony Marinucci records announcement for Christ The King Parish
upcoming Day of Reflection sponsored by the DOSA Cursillo.


June 13, 2014: Baile, Brynn, and Pam Petit visiting WQOP 1460AM studio recording station ID's

Perfect voices, and recorded nicely on the first take, ...a bright future assured for these aspiring TV/radio on-air hostesses.

June 13, 2014: Brynn, Baile, and Pam

Becky Jarboe announces that Queen of Peace Celebration Day 2014
will be on June 25th at Holy Family Parish, beginning at 4pm.


Suzanne records retreat announcement for an upcoming weekend

Feb 2014: Thank you Knights of Columbus, Father Murphy Council 5535 for your support.
Knight Ed Maxted and his wife Virginia present a generous donation to
Queen of Peace Radio to keep the fullness of Christ's truth broadcasting on AM-1460.


Feb 2014: Steven Webster dropped by to write up a script and to record the
2014 Young Adult Retreat promo for radio
The DOSA YA Retreat is Apr 4-6.  More info here.


Feb 2, 2014: Pat McLaughlin (L) is interviewed by Ed Maxted (R) about the FLPCC, Florida Pancreatic Cancer Coalition
and the upcoming
Culhane's Celtic Open
Golf Tournament event on March 28, 2014


Jan 2014: Robert Roldan records announcement for the 8th annual A Day For Men 2014

Brandon and Justin record radio station IDs for AM-1460 like pros.

A big Thank You to Tom Marsh, Technical Repairs, Inc,
and for Justin and Brandon for fixing radio station HVAC, Dec 2013


Chuck Bolles records a Knights of Columbus, Council 5535, announcement.

Ron Carey (R)(former on-air host and radio manager for 1600am back in 1960s)
and Nick Boutwell (L) visit the old studio and record station ID's for 1460am


Bill O'Brien records a 1460am radio station ID with pizzazz.

Fr. Sal DiFazio records announcement for the 90th anniversary
for St. Paul's Catholic Parish in Riverside on Sept 15th, 2013.

Richard Bernard records announcement for Bunco & RLC Night, every 2nd Saturday at
Knights of Columbus Hall Council #1951, at 1509 Hendrix Ave, Jacksonville FL


Amy Roberts and Fr. Andy Blaszkowski record announcements for the new St. Luke's Parish Child Care Center.

Shawn Hartsfield in radio studio to record for
Knights of Columbus #5407 Golf Tournament promo


Boy Scout Troop - Pack 473 - of Jacksonville,
member of North Florida Council and chartered by St Joseph's Catholic Church,
work towards merit badge; visit the radio station studio
3/21/13 - photos thanks to Nicole Grace

After touring the radio station, the scouts record station ID's

Everyone gets their chance to record in front of the microphone

Reluctant to speak on the microphone...

Patrick does not crack under pressure...

no amount of tickling from Nicole works

Patrick is so proud of his successful silence.

Courtney Christ  and Clyde Femo record radio announcements
guest producers Courtney and Clyde co-direct Kathy Christ recording...


Joey reads radio scripts and records station ID's.


Howard Groshell records announcement for next
Theology of the Body series at
St. Paul's Catholic Church at Jacksonville Beach


Lauren Olsen records a station ID

Jordan Harirchi visits station with Lauren, records a station ID.

Jan 2013: Betty and Barry Hurtz record another show on the message of Fatima

Sherry visits and records station ID.



Sara McFarland donates a beautiful, nicely carved statue of
St. Joseph the Worker to the WQOP station.
"St. Joseph, Pray For Us!"


Rebecca stops by to record station ID and PSA


Marcos visits, and records a station ID in Spanish


Faith records a spot for Homeschoolers' Mass

Jim Ayers drops by to support and to record station ID

Beth from Neligan Construction & Roofing
records a station ID

Diane visits the QOPR studio and records station ID

Jim Blache, from Knights of Columbus Council 5535
presents generous donation to Queen of Peace Radio
June 9, 2010


Chuck Day records announcement for
Our Lady Star of the Sea March 26 Fish Fry



email Robert Roldan at adayformen@gmail.com

John Paul Williams records a station ID


Erin & Jack stopped by and recorded a station ID

April and Maria visit the radio station

Brian stopped in to support QOP Radio and record station ID

Thanks to Brandon for stopping by to save money on AT&T phone account 
and for taking 20 seconds to record station ID.


Patrick visits and records station ID

Richard Nadeau records a Thank-You message for
all of the participants of the 40-Days-for-Life prayer witness.


Colette and Myrna write-record promo for the 2009 Young Adult Retreat for Dec 18-20.


Deacon Larry Hart records station ID and delivers information
Maryknoll radio programs: Voices of Our World.


Jeanne Caldwell records announcement for St. Paul's Oyster Roast

George interviewed Bob and Penny in QOP Radio studio

Bob and Penny Lord with George Barletta

Luz Elena took pictures of the interview
and George and Tom had fun editing the photos.


Ashley Schappert and Pete Wolf record station ID's for QOP Radio


Fr. Roland Julien, pastor of St. Patrick Catholic Church in Gainesville, FL.


Arlene from Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish stopped by to record a station ID.

Gabby and Gerald record Father-Daughter Dance Promo for Holy Spirit Parish

Liz and Jamie volunteered on Friday LIVE Show and record station IDs

Kathy Christ, founder and president of Kathryn Christ & Co 
stopped by to share helpful recommendations to the staff 
and to record a station ID

Anne dropped by to record a station ID ... De Colores!

Peter dropped by to visit and record station ID.

Jeremy, David, Peggy, Jocelynn and Andrea visit
to promote the next upcoming Young Adult Retreat

Gerry Records Sally's Station ID

Esther stopped by to record station identification, and Gerry produced it for broadcast.

Ed Carmona visits to support station & record ID.

Kim and Kathy dropped by for bumper stickers and to record a new station ID

Tondra Mineo and Tom Masters from Holy Spirit Parish stop in
to record the next October Life Chain Announcement

Tim helps daughters Gianna and Faith record station IDs for AM-1460 & AM-1600

Traig dropped by to record announcement for
the next Diocesan Marriage Renewal retreat weekend 

AT&T tech works on the QOP special phone line 
Billy, Wes, Shannon, Gabe, Emily, Nicol, Linda & Tim drop by
to record announcements for St. Paul's and also WYD St. Augustine Celebration.

Colby and Cameron visited the station with their Mom...
they took a picture of their Mom at the mic, and recorded station ID's

Annette came by to record announcement for 
the Pure Fashion Show on April 5, 2008

Luis and Nancy stop by to record announcement for St. Catherine's Parish

Cindi visits to record psa

Stuart Little poses for Canines-For-Christ

Ron stopped by WQOP to record station ID
Fr. Apostoli and Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal visited WQOP during Lent 2008

Emily & Nicol - record cool promo for St. Paul's Youth Group at WQOP

Nikki and Sean record promo for Emmaus Group

Liz, Ligiea, and children, visit and help create another radio announcement,
Recording the Women of Grace announcement for the one day conference at Cody Center August 11.


Some special members of the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal visited WQOP on Ash Wednesday 2007.

Stephanie and Tim

Jerry Webster visited us in July to record a few announcements regarding the Diocesan Marriage Renewal. Thanks for taking the time Jerry!

Patrick takes a day off from school

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