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Luke Benedict filmed and directed this 2:43 min selection along with Damon McCollum during a visit
to the WQOP 1460-AM radio station in May 2013, and catching a couple members from the choir at
the St. Paul's Catholic Church at Jacksonville Beach.  Luke edited the video to present 3 radio listeners, Jerry, Dan, and Tom,
who each value the apostolic work of Queen of Peace Catholic Radio in Jacksonville, FL.  Thanks Luke!


Thanks to Grant Williams for filming and editing the video above
during the WQOP 2012 Spring Pledge Drive.
Grant has an amazing talent for editing/composing into only 90 seconds
the volunteers who came and answered phone lines and the
live on-air mayhem that takes place during the pledge drive.
The music is Bart Price and The Pillars of Joy:
The People's Petition (Ps 67)


Thanks to Alcira Samson for making and editing the video above,
(and to the WQOP volunteers who shared their views)! 
Alcira worked hard with WQOP during our 2011 Fall Pledge Drive.
She is a professional Voice Over Artist and has recorded several PSA's for WQOP.
Alcira does voices, videos, wedding planning, and records and plays keyboard for events.
See some of Alcira Samson's demos online: AlciraSamsonVoices and at tvforsaints.
visit her Voice123 and LinkedIn pages.

2015 July 8:15pm: A shaky hand records a bobcat near radio tower.



904- 241 -3311

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