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Oct 10, 2014: Brian Shields and guests from Lumen Entertainment
talk about Skiff & AJ and the Value of Life Project

L-R: Nichol Santiago, David Oliveros, Dr Tom Stanley, Carlos Gonzalez-Chavez,
Brian Shields, George Barletta, Martha Garcia

Dr. Tom Stanley announces he is available to talk in classrooms to students about value of life issues.

Brian Shields (R) tells listeners there are no age restrictions to Lumen Entertainment's videos.

Carlos explains how Skiff and AJ inform young kids on value of life in less than 30 min.

Martha Garcia sits in gracefully as show hostess for George and reads the introductions.

7/25/14: Guest Jeff Mall (L) tells listeners what is in store for this year's
Florida Catholic Men's Conference coming up Aug 23rd.


June 13, 2014: guest Pat Cook talks about qualities of a Biblical friendship using examples in Old and New Testament
especially focusing on the friendship of Blessed Virgin Mary and her cousin Elizabeth.

Pat Cook shares Biblical passages and her notes demonstrating holy friendship.

Krista & Tony discuss the importance of
their on-air chair preferences.

May 30, 2014: Kairos Prison Ministry Show

Kairos Team Guests (above L to R): Russell Walthour, Keith Shaw, and Roy Hatten


May 2, 2014: Howard Groeshell and Mike Day discuss latest book by
Christopher West and an upcoming talk on the Theology of the Body


3/14/14: Guests Mary Catherine Damon and Pam Dewey standing
 L & R of George Barletta discuss the
40 Days For Life Jacksonville - Spring 2014 campaign & events.


March 7, 2014: Guest Dr. Bob Raspa discussing pro-life health care concerns for faithful Catholics


Feb 28, 2014: Andrea Elsner, Russ Polhemus, George Barletta, Noelle Winiewicz, Todd Pickin,
discuss the upcoming 2014 DOSA Young Adult Retreat April 4-6

George asks Andrea if he can at least be there for the pizza departure

Russ explains the benefits, great experience, there's something for everyone

Noelle Winiewicz and Todd Pickens encourage listeners to register now

Andre Elsner records radio promo for 2014 YA Retreat

Feb 14, 2014: guest Fr. Sal DiFazio from St Paul's Catholic Church in Riverside

Feb 14, 2014: Bill O'Brien brought Fr. Sal DiFazio down to the Friday LIVE Show

55minutes is not even enough time for Fr. Sal to get all of his best points across to listeners.

Feb 14, 2014: Guest Fr. Sal DiFazio in Friday LIVE studio with Bill O'Brien

Fr. Sal DiFazio with another great Sacramental message
on Holy Matrimony and Holy Eucharist.

"hey George, maybe next show we only speak in Italian, eh"

Jan 17, 2014: Mike Day, from Diocesan Center for Family Life
 and Tom Masters from Holy Spirit Catholic Church
update listeners on all the pro-life events in area.

Mike Day, Tom Masters, with show host George Barletta


Jan 3 2014: Friday LIVE Show highlights the upcoming Catholic Charismatic Conference

Jan 3, 2014: [L to R]: Tony Zeaiter, Anne Coyle, Jack Coyle,
Krista Cline, Greg Hemsoth, George Barletta, Gerald Buckner.

Gerald Buckner tells listeners that Catholic Charismatic Conferences
are spiritually refreshing many attendees every year

Anne Coyle guarantees the music is heavenly! (like hot chocolate on a cold day)

Greg Hemsoth tells everyone it is easy to register, and please do it today.

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